Meet the 


Every animal has an individuality like every human being, without a name the individual kind of fizzles away. ~ Jane Goodall


We welcome you to meet our sheep: Opie, Finn, Anika, Ainsley, Grover, Piper, Nellie, Panda, Poncho, Griffin, Wendell, and Feather!

The most common thing we’re asked about having sheep is, ​why?​ Chickens receive a quick nod of approval, since eggs are understood. Yet the sheep are often stared at dubiously. We’re commonly valued for the job we perform. Sheep are expected to either be meat, milk or wool or their existence is in question. The sheep at Rockabye get to be fully themselves, along with sharing their wool, mowing expertise, fertilizing powers, and friendly dispositions.

[Babydolls are] valued in vineyards, sustainable agriculture, and organic farming. Their wool is favored among spinners and fiber artists who enjoy fine wool with remarkable spring.​ ~North American Babydoll Southdown Sheep Association

Finnsheep wool has unmistakable luster and softness in all shades of color.  The fleece…is highly praised by hand spinners as it blends easily with other fibers, has a long staple, and a wool spinning count in the 50′s (24 to 31 microns). ~FinnSheep Breeder’s Association



Ikea (Swedish Flower) Rooster: moved to Newfield, NY farm in 2019
Blanca (Delaware)
Lacey (Golden Laced Wyandotte)
Fetina (Buff Orpington)
Plum (Lavender Orpington)
Bunny (Snowy Easter Egger)
Vicki (Silver Grey Dorking)
Hilda (Silver Spangled Hamburg)
Pearl (Specked Sussex)
Roma (Blue Splash Maran)
Mavis (Double-Laced Barnevelder)
Ethel (Red Star)

Barn Cat

Barn Patrol Cat: Reishi